Haley Center Adds Gender-Neutral Bathroom For Men Who Can’t Pee If Someone Is Standing Behind Them

Campus Life

On September 8th, Auburn University announced it will add a gender-neutral bathroom in the Haley Center to promote inclusivity and diversity on campus.

After a long campaign from SGA and LGBT interest groups, the university decided it will add 2 gender-neutral bathrooms, containing a single toilet and sink next to the existing restrooms on the first floor.

Analysts predict that these restrooms will receive most of its use from members of the LGBT community, and men who cannot pee when someone is standing behind them.

“No one should be afraid to walk into a bathroom and feel intimidated by the people inside,” says sophomore Danny Leibowitz, who literally can’t even get out a drop of piss if someone is in the same room as him.

“I think this will be a huge win for Auburn in the long run. Our campus has been ridiculed for being behind the times for too long, but not anymore,” Leibowitz added.