Little Italy Now Offering Literal Piss Alongside Beer Selection


Starting next week Little Italy is all set to offer urine on tap.

The decision came shortly after Anthony Triddle, manager at Little Italy accidentally tasted his pee the other night.

“I’m not going to get into that incident, but for decades you’ve always heard people say, ‘This beer tastes like piss’. I woke up one morning and wondered what would happen if we served pee to our customers?” said Triddle.

Little Italy claims this plan dates back months. Every time someone ordered a pitcher the employees would pee a little bit into the beer to get people acclimated to the taste.

A blind taste test was conducted among guests where they had to tell a difference between pee and beer. Almost no one could tell a difference.

“I know this idea is a bit radical, but the results were astounding,” continued Triddle, “most people thought the pee was Shock Top or Bud Light.”

Triddle says he doesn’t want his employees just whipping it out and peeing right in front of the customers. Instead, he encourages them to drink plenty of water before their shift and to come prepared to release into a giant tank in the back of the store.

Little Italy is currently only offering two piss drafts but plans to expand in the coming months. So far, the menu includes a light brew called “The Marathoner” and a darker draft called “Midnight Stumble”.

“We’re always thinking of different ways to reinvent ourselves. Our customer satisfaction is number one,” said Triddle.