Miss Homecoming Candidates Use GroupMe As A Grassroots Campaign Strategy

Campus Life

With the Miss Homecoming election coming to a close, candidates are doing their best to win over their fellow students in the most authentic, personal way possible.

Many candidates are winning over voters by having their campaign platform and voting link splattered across every GroupMe chat imaginable.

Sources confirmed this morning that every GroupMe with 50+ members has been absolutely plastered with campaign messages.

“I thought I left this thing years ago,” states Auburn 5th year senior Micheal Horowitz, who received a campaign message in his Camp War Eagle GroupMe from 2014.

This approach has proven to be surprisingly effective according to our campus correspondents.

“In today’s world of fake smiles and banal platitudes, it is refreshing to see people take the time to copy and paste a message into a mass group chat for an accounting class,” added student Sarah Richardson.

At press time, analysts confirmed that seeing a half-assed message in a group chat will have the strongest influence on voter behavior.