Research Suggests Tapingo Users’ Time More Valuable Than Those In Line

Campus Life

After weeks of research, Auburn’s sociology department concluded that students who use Tapingo, the food ordering app that lets you skip the lines, have far more valuable time than students who wait in line.

This elite class of individuals has too much on their respective agendas to spend waiting in line with the blue collared plebeians within the stanchions of the student center. These polymaths have far too many academic engagements that mustn’t be tarnished by having to stand in line for a spicy chicken sandwich.

“I’m currently in the middle of my thesis on socioeconomic relativism in 17th century Europe,” states Junior Kyle Reevus, “I wouldn’t dare squander my intellectual pursuits to wait in line for nourishment.”

Since the implementation of Tapingo, sources confirmed that the number of scholarly papers and medical journals published has increased two-fold.

“Thanks to this delightful application, I also have time to complete my case study on Leo Tolstoy and master the cello on the side.” Added Reevus.

This new development is already being compared to other innovations that yielded the enlightenment, such as the plow and printing press. With this newfound free time, who knows what breakthroughs in math, science, and philosophy will come about.